We handle all legal matters

Our Hilo team provides assistance offers the full range of law services. No matter your situation, we can help. The primary goal in all of our cases is to make sure you are treated fairly, treated well and provided the full protection that the law can afford you.

Our team is passionate about protecting your rights. Whether you need a simple consultation, advice, or full representation, we’re ready to help you.

We offer a full range of law services including:

DUI & Criminal Law

We can help you deal with all of the legal issues that arise when a police officer issues you a DUI. If it seems you must forfeit your license, think again and contact us before it’s too late. If you feel that you have been wrongfully accused of a DUI, misdemeanor or another crime, we can help provide you with the representation you deserve

Child Custody Support

Child custody can be a complex issue, and there is no need to try and navigate it alone. At The Law Offices of Kathleen Kentish Lucero, we are sensitive to all the issues that surround this type of family law case, including child support. Talk with one of our Hilo lawyers today to learn more about our approach to legal matters and how we can help you.

And More

Whether it’s auto accidents, wrongful death, divorce and family law, real estate law, wills, trusts, probate we can help you navigate your personal situation. If you have a legal matters, we can help in Hilo and beyond.