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When you’re in need of an experienced, discreet, and professional attorney, contact us here at The Law Offices of Kathleen Kentish Lucero. Regardless of the scope of your case, we’re here to help. Whether it’s a matter of auto accidents, wrongful death, divorce, family law, real estate law, wills, trusts or probates, our team will work to ensure that you’re well represented and that you’re granted the full attention you deserve.

We know that legal situations can be stressful as well as complex. This is why we give personalized attention to every case. A deep understanding of your situation is important to us, and important to the process. The attorneys in our Hilo office are available and ready to discuss your case in detail. Don’t hesitate to call us for an appointment today.

We offer a full range of law services at The Law Offices of Kathleen Kentish Lucero Including:

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We look forward to serving you and we’re proud of our years of experience. Personalized attention is at the center of our business philosophy, and we take the time needed to make sure we have a thorough understanding of your unique situation. We want you to feel comfortable with the process.

Your experience of the legal system doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help. Contact us in Hilo today for an attorney you can count on.